The massive $300,000 guaranteed Mystery Bounty Festival

Main Event begins on March 1 at 888poker. The Mystery Bounty Festival has been a huge success so far at 888poker, but things are about to get even better when it begins. The Main Event of the Mystery Bounty Festival is one of the largest mystery bounty tournaments held online, making it the first of its kind.

Your first chance to build a stack in the MB Festival – $300,000 Main Event is on March 1 at 5:00 GMT. The buy-in at 888poker is $160 ($150 + $10), which means that 2,000 players are required to reach the guaranteed amount.

From March 1 through March 6, there are 19 Day 1s, each with up to 10 rebuys for the first three hours of each flight if your bankroll allows it. When the blinds reach the end of Level 18, or when only 14% of the field has chips in front of them, the curtain falls on each Day 1. Play continues until the final table is reached on Day 2 on March 6 at 8:00 p.m. GMT. The winners then return to the action on March 7 at 7:00 p.m. GMT to finish the tournaments while the 888poker Twitch channel broadcasts the action.

$300,000 Ensured Headliner Construction, Bounties, and Satellites

Secret Abundance Celebration Headliner players each get a beginning heap of 10,000 chips, and play to a 12-minute clock where the blinds start at 30/60/7a. Day 1s feature turbo and hyper turbo structures; these come with blinds of four minutes and six minutes, respectively.

The 19th level, Day 2, is when the mystery bounties kick in, and there are a lot of huge prizes to be won. Imagine opening a golden envelope containing an incredible $30,000 jackpot for one lucky 888poker customer. Additionally, there will be at least two bounties worth $9,000, six worth $3,000, twenty worth $900, and 45 worth $300.

For the $300,000 Mystery Bounty Festival Main Event, satellites with a low price of $16.50 award $160 tickets, and buy-in satellites with lower prices of $1.10 and $2.20 feed into those satellites. Even from just $0.10, you can win your way into the $1.10 satellites!

MB Festival Results So Far

The festival has produced some excellent results thus far, including a score of $10,811 for “Leofoliveira” as a result of the Brazilian winning the $120,000 guaranteed opening event. The $150,000 8-Max event, which comes to an end on February 28 and will provide you with a comprehensive recap of the action at the final table on March 1, has a much larger payout in mind. Without any bounty payments, first place in this competition is worth more than $15,000!

A turbo deep stack mystery bounty tournament with a $55 buy-in and a guaranteed prize pool of $6,000 will also take place on February 28. At 7:00 p.m. GMT and 6:30 p.m. GMT, respectively, these deal and move up.

$88 Free and a $400 Welcome Bonus You need an 888poker account in order to win an 888poker LIVE package, so now is the best time to sign up if you haven’t already. After downloading 888poker and creating a free account, you will receive free tickets to cash games and tournaments worth $88, or £20 for UK residents, just for reaching this stage.

A bonus that can be used again comes in the form of a 100% match on your first deposit, up to $400. You have ninety days to distribute as much bonus as possible. For additional information, contact 888poker support.

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