Slot Machine Overview – Neon Rush Splitz

Neon Rush Splitz is Yggdrasil Gaming’s second game to feature the Splitz mechanic, which was created in-house by the Swedish developer. Neon Rush is a throwback to the retropunk future of the 1980s, whereas Temple Stacks is an exotic jungle adventure. There are a growing number of options available in this category, which manages to be both quaint and cutting edge at the same time.

Although some may disagree due to the shrunken appearance of the symbol set, Neon Rush Splitz is one of the finer instances of the genre and a fantastic presentation of Yggdrasil’s creative talents. The game’s components flow seamlessly into one another, and the random number generator is fun to play around with.

The excellent design and construction garnered immediate praise. If you’re spinning on a mobile device, you should do so in landscape mode for the best experience. If so, you’ll see a Tron-esque landscape, with the 5×3 grid floating past buildings. A biker appears to the side of the reels and, when you win, he’ll switch sides and cheer you on.

An excellent example of the still-thriving Synthwave music trend complements the eye-popping visuals. Each and every sound effect employed in conjunction with a spin or a win is spot on. Yggdrasil’s AV crew is top-notch, but Neon Rush Splitz takes it to the next level. If you’re into this sort of game, you will be in vintage electro bliss.

There isn’t a wide variety of bets to choose from, perhaps to reduce exposure from the Ultra Jackpot. The minimum bet per spin is 10 p/c, and the maximum is 40 $/€. A return to player percentage of 96.03%, significant volatility, and a hit rate of little more than 1 in 5 are also positives. Despite its futuristic aesthetic, Neon Rush’s rules are straightforward.

To win, you need to line up at least three identical symbols. There are just 10 paylines on which to do so, but the way the Splitz feature works offers it a twist. When a Splitz symbol lands, it splits into one of five common symbols, compared to nine in Temple Stacks. During the game’s base game, all Splitz that reveal a symbol do so at the same time, and that symbol can be any one of them.

All of the icons are unique creations that capture the essence of the game’s minimalistic, futuristic aesthetic. There are only three, a triangle, a diamond, and a hexagon, and that’s on the low end. There are two premium symbols, a pink and a green shard; getting 5 pink shards or 5 green shards on an active payline pays 2 times the wager, but getting 15 of a kind pays 500 times the wager thanks to the Splitz feature. The last symbol is a wild that can only be seen when a Splitz symbol is used as a revealer. Each Splitz has the potential to disclose a maximum of 5, each of which can act as a wild card for the game.

Slot Machine Features in Neon Rush Splitz

The game’s features are easy to understand and consist primarily of free spins and jackpots. Players need to get Jackpot symbols in order to win the large prize. Those are exposed by the five jackpot icons each Splitz symbol may carry. When a Jackpot Symbol is hit, the jackpot progress bar advances as follows:

When 5 Jackpot Symbols appear, you win the Rush Jackpot and 5 times your wager.

The Neon Jackpot is won when 6 Jackpot Symbols appear on the reels.

If you get 7 Jackpot Symbols, you win the Hyper Jackpot and 50 times your wager.

When you get 8 Jackpot Symbols, you win the Mega Jackpot and 100 times your wager.

9 Jackpot Symbols results in the Superior Jackpot and 500x the bet.

If you get 10 Jackpot Symbols, you win the Ultra Jackpot and your investment is multiplied by 25,000.

A Free Spins bonus round might increase your chances of hitting jackpots and winning extra money. The large jackpot possibility may not be enough to overcome the game’s high volatility and poor bonus frequency. Free games are triggered when a player lands three, four, or five scatter symbols, awarding 10, 20, or 30 free games. During the bonus round, the only symbols Splitz symbols can disclose are wilds or the jackpot symbol.

Final Say on the Neon Rush Splitz Slot

Neon Rush Splitz is an excellently made slot machine. The perfect integration of visual and auditory elements creates an engagingly futuristic setting. The vibrant animations in the background and the constant company of your fellow rider make this game an absolute blast. Neon Rush Splitz is like hooking into Tron or driving a purple Trans Am with an F-16’s head-up display off a cliff into the nearest cosmic nebula, depending on your preference for this genre of slot machine. Fans of dystopian future fiction like Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, and Bladerunner will love this game.

Actually playing the game is enjoyable as well. The Splitz mechanism has developed well and now produces thrilling moments. For instance, you may be aiming to complete a line of several shards by drawing one from the Splitz sign. The instant it opens up to expose a slew of wilds and you realize you’ve attracted far more lines than you expected is satisfying.

During free games, Splitz symbols are even more beneficial because they only produce wilds or jackpot symbols. Even without the Jackpot, Neon Rush is a lot of fun to play. However, knowing that each spin could result in payouts of over 25,000 times your wager increases the excitement significantly. Especially when the tension is carefully built up with the gradual unveiling of individual jackpot symbols by the Splitz symbols.

If you’re a fan of this aesthetic, you can’t miss out on what Yggdrasil has made in Neon Rush. If so, relax and take advantage of the top-notch gaming on offer. If not, however, Neon Rush Splitz still has the excellent, straight forward action and jackpots to satisfy a wide spectrum of gamers.

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